Terms and Conditions


The present terms and conditions are set out between the internet site www.joliesgreencreations.com and ‘the buyer’, defined as the person or organisation who buys or agrees to buy goods from www.joliesgreencreations.com



The objective of the present terms and conditions is to define the contract for all sales between the buyer and the web site www.joliesgreencreations.com


Any sale made on the web site www.joliesgreencreations.com implies that the buyer accepts, without reserve, the present terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions take precedence over any other conditions of sale, not previously agreed by www.joliesgreencreations.com

www.joliesgreencreations.com reserves the right to amend the present terms and conditions at any time.  In this case, the terms and conditions which apply are those in effect at the time of the sale.



The products for sale are those that appear on the web site www.joliesgreencreations.com

The products are for sale whilst stocks are available.  In the event that a product is unavailable, the buyer has the opportunity to leave an email address so that www.joliesgreencreations.com can make contact in order to advise on the delay for delivery.

In line with the consumers act, each product has a description and photo.  The aim of the photo is to give as close an idea as possible of the product, however, photos cannot be considered as an exact replica of the product, especially with regards to colours.



The buyer should complete the customer identification form with the necessary details requested.  Alternatively, if the buyer is already registered as a member at www.joliesgreencreations.com, then they are able to log in with their email address and password.

The buyer confirms their order by checking the details of the order and paying by one of the payment methods proposed.  As a consequence, the action of confirming the order binds the buyer to the terms and conditions effective at the time of the sale.

The contract between the buyer and www.joliesgreencreations.com is made at the moment the buyer confirms their order.

The confirmation of the order registered by the system is considered proof of the transaction between the buyer and www.joliesgreencreations.com  Following this confirmation, www.joliesgreencreations.com will send an email to the buyer to advise of the order reference number.



The prices stated on the web site www.joliesgreencreations.com are in Euros and are for the products only, not taking into account delivery charges.

www.joliesgreencreations.com reserves the right to amend the prices of products at any time.  Any orders, where the price of a product has been subsequently amended are considered as confirmed orders and the price honored is the price that was effective at the time of confirming the order.

The price of a product is the cost of the product only and does not take into account any delivery charges.  Delivery charges are the responsibility of the buyer and are clearly indicated at the time of confirming the order.  The total sum due includes the cost of products ordered plus the delivery charge applicable.

The products remain the property of www.joliesgreencreations.com until full payment has been made.



The total sum due must be paid at the time of ordering.  Payment is made in Euros only.  The total sum due can be settled by using a credit or debit card (eg. Visa, Mastercard etc.) or alternatively, settlement can be made by using a Paypal account.  The payment transaction is conducted by Paypal via their website and is totally secure.  No credit card information regarding the buyer is transmitted to the site www.joliesgreencreations.com

The buyer also has the choice to settle the sum due by cheque.  This method of payment is only available to customers holding a French bank account as only cheques originating from a French bank and drawn in Euros can be accepted.  Cheques should be made payable to Samantha Rénier.

After having confirmed the order, the buyer should send their cheque for the sum payable to Jolies Green Créations, 6 les Rousseaux, 17430 Bords, France.  The goods ordered are put aside and reserved for 7 days.  If the cheque for full payment has not been received during this time then the order is considered an unpaid and therefore cancelled.  The goods will only be dispatched once the cheque has been cashed.



The delivery address is taken as the address completed by the buyer at the time of confirming their order.  Goods are normally dispatched within 2 or 3 days after confirmation of the order and are sent via the French postal system.
The maximum delay is classed as 30 days following confirmation of the order and if this delay is exceeded, the buyer has the right to cancel their order and to ask for a refund.

Delivery charges are payable by the buyer. 

www.joliesgreencreations.com takes all necessary due care and attention in the packing of the goods, however at the moment when the order leaves our premises, the responsibility and the risk of transport is transferred to the buyer.  The buyer should check the state of the parcel and the goods received when delivery takes place and any damages that occurred during transport should be communicated directly to the Postal system and to www.joliesgreencreations.com within 48 hours of the delivery.

www.joliesgreencreations.com cannot take responsibility regarding delivery delays if the buyer’s address was incomplete or entered incorrectly at the time of ordering.  In these circumstances, the cost of re-sending the goods is payable by the buyer and the buyer is unable to claim a refund based on the fact that the delivery delay was in excess of 30 days.



The buyer has the right to change their mind if they are not totally satisfied with the goods.  In this case, the buyer has 7 days (from the delivery date) to return the goods and to claim a refund.  The refund will be paid by www.joliesgreencreations.com within 30 days of the claim.  The cost of postage to return the goods is at the charge of the buyer and www.joliesgreencreations.com reserves the right to refuse the claim if it is made more than 7 days after the delivery date.

In the case where a product does not conform to its product description, the buyer can return the product to www.joliesgreencreations.com and ask for an exchange or a refund.  The buyer has the responsibility to return the product to www.joliesgreencreations.com in its original packaging, un-spoilt and in a perfect state to be resold.  Any products returned which are not in their original packaging or are damaged or soiled, will neither be exchanged nor refunded.  In the circumstances, where www.joliesgreencreations.com has refused to accept the exchange or refund, the products will be returned to the buyer.  The cost of return is payable by the buyer and should be settled before the goods can be resent.

All requests for exchanges or refunds should be made by email via the space ‘contact’ on the website www.joliesgreencreations.com .  A reply will be sent by email, confirming the request and giving instructions regarding the return of goods.



By selling goods on the internet, www.joliesgreencreations.com can only be held responsible for occurrences within their control.  No responsibility will be taken for damages as a result of internet networks, such as internet viruses, loss of data, system disruptions or for any other problems out of their control.

www.joliesgreencreations.com cannot be held responsible for any damages, whether they be material or non-material, as a result of misuse of any of our products.



All the content of the website www.joliesgreencreations.com is reserved under the title of intellectual property.
No-one is authorised to reproduce, or use any elements from the website, whether it be partial or in total without the express consent of www.joliesgreencreations.com.  All rights are strictly reserved.



All data held in the system of the website www.joliesgreencreations.com is considered proof of any transaction performed such as orders, payments and email communications.  All data is archived on a secure system support and data such as confirmation of orders and invoices can be accessed as required.



www.joliesgreencreations.com respects the privacy of their clients.  All personal information is only collected so that orders can be processed.  Personal data that has been collected is never shared, lent or sold to any third parties.  The buyer has the right to consult the personal information we hold for them and to request the amendment or deletion if desired.



The present Terms and Conditions are in accordance with French law.  In case of complaints brought before justice, only French law courts are considered able to rule, make decisions or mediate.




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